Poo 2 Poof

Important Details
  • There is no contract to sign for our pooper scooper services!

  • Once a service is selected during the on-boarding process, an invoice will be emailed to the owner. The email will contain a "paper" copy of the invoice as well as a link to make a payment via credit/debit card. It is preferred to make the payment via card using the same card each month and selecting to automatically pay the invoice for future invoices. Future invoices will be automatically sent on a monthly basis. Payment is required in order to begin service.

  • Once the property is serviced, the dog waste is then left at the property in the owners garbage. If the garbage is not accessible, we can work out another arrangement. Additionally, we offer haul away service where we take the dog waste with us when we leave for $1.00 per service.​

  • There is no initial pick-up fee. We don't penalize you for deciding to improve your yard. ​

  • Do you know someone that will use our dog waste removal service? Let us know, and if they sign up for recurring service, we will give you 25% off your next invoice!

  • A well-maintained yard greatly improves our quality. Tall grass and leaves makes it difficult for us to perform at our highest level of quality standards. This will not hinder us from performing the treatment nor increase the price but please understand this factor.
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