Poo 2 Poof

Why Choose Us?
  • Poo 2 Poof is a technology driven business. Sounds ridiculous, right? The reason behind this is because the proprietor likes to keep things streamlined and simple.

  • Other similar businesses will only service certain areas of your property to make clean up fast and easy. We take pride in creating a clean yard from property line to property line.  

  • With Poo 2 Poof cleaning up after your dog(s), we treat it as our responsibility to notify the owner of unusual “business”. Catching medical issues with your dog(s) as early as possible is very important to us.

  • Dog waste contains several contaminants that harm ground water. Also, contrary to popular belief, dog waste is not fertilizer so go green and sign up for pooper scooper service today!​

  • Poo 2 Poof is licensed and insured to operate anywhere within Northern Kentucky.
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